The Real Game Series

Western Student Connections can deliver each of the five games in The Real Game Series to groups of students.
Student groups of between 15 and 30 make a good size for each game.
The Real Game is a dynamic careers and life skills programme for students. With five games tailored to different age levels, the Real Game series engages students in the big questions about their future through role-play and scenarios relevant to their age group.
The five game levels in the Real Game series are based on the The High Five Principles of Career Development.

The Real Game series shows students how their school courses, social life, work and community experience contribute to the many opportunities open to them. Students examine their own aptitudes and interests and are able to test real-world decisions in a safe environment.
The Real Game series empowers students to take their own future into their hands!
The Play Real Game
Students assume roles and explore aspects of adult life. Students establish a local economy and place essential services and businesses in their neighbourhoods, which join to form a town. Students learn about the concept of a global economy when they seek extra workers from outside the town.
The Make It Real Game
In a fun learning environment, students create and name their own town and local neighbourhoods. They locate key public buildings, choose and locate their housing and identify key transport options. They then form and name a small company. Finally, they carry out an assignment as a business team.
By exploring the various services and occupations that combine to make a town, students begin to understand terms such as community, business and occupation. They learn the importance of education and qualifications for getting the jobs they want and appreciate that there are different learning pathways for achieving their career goals.
The Real Game
Students create wish lists of things they would like as adults. After assuming randomly assigned life/work roles, they experience a “reality check” as they balance their monthly budgets, cope with unexpected chance events, and explore the balance between work and the rest of their lives.
Students create an imaginary community, and plan group holidays taking into account individual budgets and work schedules. As their role characters are made redundant, they learn how to adapt to change and unexpected situations, and use their transferable skills to enable them to create new work opportunities.
Finally, students leave their roles behind and imagine themselves in the future, developing their own personal life/work profiles.
The Be Real Game
Students learn how a person's career is based on the everyday choices and decisions an individual makes. These choices/decisions begin in childhood and encompass every facet of life, including family, friends, education, recreational activities, lifestyle choices, community involvement and dealing with labour market conditions.
As the students role-play various employment, unemployment and family situations, they explore the importance of transferable skills, self-knowledge, lifelong learning and the primacy of career planning to achieving satisfying, fulfilling lives. They are exposed to dozens of occupational possibilities and are actively encouraged to pursue and realise their dreams.
The Get Real Game
Students rehearse for, experiment with and learn the pros and cons of various gateway options from secondary school to their own adult futures in simulations that are realistic, yet risk-free.
Students investigate a range of work clusters and career gateways. They go through a sequence of tasks, exploring education, life/work experiences and essential skills necessary for today’s world.

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