Work Readiness Resources, Slideshows and Videos
Prepare students for Workplace Learning

Completed Slideshows, Presentations and Youtube videos are indicated by ***.....***

Employer Support VET Work Placement Prior to Placement During Placement

*** A Culturally Safe Workplace ***

*** A Culturally Safe Workplace Presentation ***

*** Different Modes of Work Placement (pop-up) ***

*** Host Employer Risk Management (pop-up) ***

*** Host Employer Declaration (pop-up) ***

Employer Responsibilities

Additional Information for Employers

Employer Section of the SPR

The Workplace Supervisor

Child Protection

Students with Special Needs

Workplace Induction

Quality of work undertaken by the student

***Safety & Emergency Procedures (YouTube)***

Assessment in the Workplace

***Students travelling with supervisor or other staff (YouTube)***

Students Staying Away From Home

Dealing with Problems During a Work Placement

***Registering for Work Placement on (YouTube)***
Obtain your Registration Code, then go to (website) to register

*** go2workplacement Student Guide (pdf)***
*** (web site)***
Students log in and complete general activities and activities related to their industry area.
They can then create a Work Placement Ready Certificate to show their Host Employer

The purpose, focus and implications for students of work placement

The need for pre-placement activities

*** Host employer preferences (YouTube)***

WHS awareness and practices

Stay Safe at Work resource

Child Protection

Understanding workplace signage

Discrimination, sexual harassment, access to drugs and alcohol

Attitudes, behaviour, employer expectations

Pre-placement interviews with the host employer

Generic workplace skills: answering the phone, taking messages, customer service

Employment related skills

Personal presentation

First impressions

PPE and industry appropriate clothing/uniform

Anxiety and Work Placement

***Student Placement Record (YouTube)***
The Work Placement contract between the student, school, eVET provider, host employer and parent.

***Safety & Emergency Procedures Contact Cards (YouTube)***
Students must carry their card with them at all times during placement

Mandatory guides for employers and for parents/caregivers

Safely managed travel arrangements to and from the workplace

***Travelling with supervisor while on work placement (YouTube)***

***Placement away from home (YouTube)***

Student responsibilities

Parent responsibilities

Different modes of work placement - block, one day per week etc.


Using your part-time job for work placement and RPL

Registering for work placement

Regulations for work placement - WWCC, vaccinations, White Card etc.

*** First Impressions - Personal Presentation (Youtube)***

Day 1 - Induction

What to do if you cannot attend work placement

***What to do in case of an emergency (YouTube)***

Communicating appropriately in the workplace

Working with others in the workplace

Quality of work undertaken by the student

Supervision and following instructions

Opportunities for assessment

Busy times and down times

***Travelling with supervisor or other staff (YouTube)***

Dealing with problem situations

Follow up after work placement Good Careers Guide 2020