The What YOUth Can Do Festival of Skills will showcase the talents and skills of students in Western NSW.
Students, VET teachers, Employers, Parents and Carers are welcome to participate in any of the events scheduled for the week of 20 - 26 October 2019
Get your tickets for the Drive-in from Western Student Connections, 2/12 Blueridge Drive Dubbo
Get your tickets for the Local Skills Local Jobs Expo, the Long Lunch, the VET Teacher Dinner and the Charity Dinner from 123tix.


SUNDAY 20 OCTOBER 2019 - EVENING - Dubbo Drive-in - Movie
MONDAY 21 OCTOBER 2019 - DAY - Master Classes, Skills Competition, Club EDU, Work Placement
MONDAY 21 OCTOBER 2019 - EVENING - Dubbo Observatory
TUESDAY 22 OCTOBER 2019 - DAY - Master Classes, Prep for Long Lunch, Skills Competition, Club EDU, Work Placement
TUESDAY 22 OCTOBER 2019 - EVENING - Local Skills Local Jobs Expo - Devil’s Elbow Brewery (Upstairs)
WEDNESDAY 23 OCTOBER 2019 - DAY - Skills Competition, Club EDU, Work Placement, Long Lunch - DRTCC
WEDNESDAY 23 OCTOBER 2019 - EVENING - Disco, VET Teacher Dinner
THURSDAY 24 OCTOBER 2019 - DAY - Industry Visits, Club EDU, Work Placement
THURSDAY 24 OCTOBER 2019 - EVENING - Festival Charity Dinner
FRIDAY 25 OCTOBER 2019 - DAY - Prep for Pop-up Shops Fair, Club EDU, Work Placement
FRIDAY 25 OCTOBER 2019 - EVENING - Free evening - list of activities to select from
SATURDAY 26 OCTOBER 2019 - DAY - Pop-up Shop Fair - Dubbo Showground

Master Classes
Skills Competition
Club EDU
Work Placement
Local Skills Local Jobs Expo
Long Lunch
Charity Dinner
Industry Visits
Festival Charity Dinner
Pop-up Shop Fair

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Dubbo Observatory Details
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Friday evening Details

Master Classes will be held on Monday 21 and Tuesday 22 October.
An industry expert will run a masterclass for students. This is also an opportunity for VET Hospitality teachers to gain professional learning/upskilling and currency.
Students and teachers will be able to select the Master Class they would like to attend.
Master Classes will be added as they are confirmed
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ClubsNSW and the Public Schools NSW Ultimo 90072, Department of Education have combined their resources to bring clubs and their local schools closer together through the ClubEDU program.
This ground-breaking approach will support secondary students studying Hospitality Certificate II in SIT20416 Kitchen Operations or SIT20316 Food and Beverage by providing a combination of the following opportunities:
  • Priority Work Placement - one placement for each student in class. Each student from the class or school studying Hospitality will do one of their placements at the club (organised through WPSP). Placement can include induction visit and ClubEDU student restaurant
  • ClubEDU Student Restaurant / Function Activity - Students work with Chef at school or at club and prepare a three-course meal and serve to family, friends, teachers and club patrons. Tickets will be sold to cover cost of food or could act as a fund raiser for the school. This component may be combined with the priority work placement.
  • Master Class - Chef can cook with students to prepare for practical assessment or teach industry specific Hospitality skills. This program can be tailored for kitchen operations or food & beverage students.
  • Co-assessment at school with industry expert – collaborative assessment between industry expert and teacher using Ultimo RTO mandated assessment tasks and checklists. Schools must follow Hospitality Alternative Assessment Model Guide (HAAM Guide). This document is available to schools on QMS.
  • Post School Pathways - the prime measure of success for the ClubEDU program will be transition to employment in clubs. Post-school options will include transition to either an HTN pre-apprenticeship program; apprenticeships with HTN or other training organisations and job placement with a club (full time, part time or casual).
Opportunities to students and clubs include:
  • Enhanced work placement opportunities in clubs
  • Commercial environment to hold master classes
  • Participate in functions/events held in an actual work environment
  • Hospitality career pathways including transition into apprenticeships and traineeships with the host clubs

Registrations for Hospitality students to complete a Club EDU Work Placement are OPEN.
Please complete the Registration Form as soon as possible

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Appiwork develops mobile apps, websites and online systems that are custom-made to perfectly meet the needs of their clients.
The 35-hour work placement for Business Services and IDT students will run from the Western Student Connections office at 2/12 Blueridge Drive during the festival week.
The expected milestones provide a rough guideline of the types and volume of results students are likely to achieve during their placement.
They may achieve greater results than what is listed below, or may find it challenging to achieve these milestones.
Students will keep clear records of their activities and keep in touch with their online supervisor so that they can be supported throughout the placement.
  • Contact list with 30 or more venues managers – all to be contacted via phone/visit and email
  • 5 or more appointments to be set with venue managers that agree to list their venues on the platform
  • 3 or more venue assessments and venue photoshoots to occur
  • 2 or more venues to have their accounts set up with venue profiles
  • 1 or more venues published

Check out the 35-hour work placement outline
Please complete the EOI as soon as possible to secure a place in this activity, as numbers are limited.

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The Local Skills, Local Jobs event is a Jobs Expo with a difference. There will not be the usual industry booths normally seen at an Expo. Instead, you may stand or sit with alocal employer and have a chat about jobs and careers in their industry.
Local Skills, Local Jobs will be held upstairs in the Devil’s Elbow Brewery on the evening of Tuesday 22 October. Under 18 year olds must be accompanied by an adult, so we encourage students to attend with a parent or carer.
We will be holding this event from 5:30pm to around 8:30pm, with a grazing table of food and drinks available for employers, students and guests.
We also encourage local VET teachers to attend and meet with their local employers, who may have hosted your students for work placement.

EMPLOYERS - Register to attend the Local Skills, Local Jobs event by contacting Western Student Connections on 02 6885 6144 or reception@wsc.edu.au
STUDENTS, PARENTS, VET TEACHERS - For catering purposes, please get your ticket to attend from 123tix - online ticketing

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The Long Lunch will be held on Wednesday 23 October at the Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre.
Hospitality students will prepare and serve the Long Lunch as part of their participation in the What YOUth Can Do Festival of Skills.
The Long Lunch is open to the public to attend. Tickets may be purchased from 123tix - online ticketing
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